Ferocious Female Pirates taking charge!

In history, ferocious female pirates taking charge and defying society, are often deleted… But we’re going to change that! Piracy boasts a hidden history of the role of Female Pirates who were fearless and cunning women that defied convention to become infamous pirates on the high seas. Discover the legacy of these extraordinary women, who … Continued

The Notorious Hawkhurst Smuggling Gang!

The Notorious Hawkhurst Smuggling Gang and It’s Legacy The notorious Hawkhurst Smuggling Gang were a legend in their own right.  Even in the intriguing and daring world of smuggling, they stand out above the rest in the 18th Century. In this blog we will explore their audacity, cunning, and intricate network of clandestine routes, as … Continued

The Life of a Smuggling Tubman in the 18th Century

The Harsh Life of a Smuggling Tubman in the 18th Century The Origins of a Smuggling Tubman The life of a smuggling Tubman in the 18th Century was a harsh one. The era was a dangerous one with political unrest, economic upheaval, and the fight for personal freedom. In the midst of these challenges, there … Continued

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