St Clement’s Caves were formed around 14,000 BC, during the last known Ice Age. Since their creation, these mysterious and spooky caves have had a fascinating role to play in the history of the Hastings area.

The caves served as a home, a hospital, an air-raid shelter, and a ballroom – of which even the royal family and The Rolling Stones have visited!

These ancient caves are steeped in so much history that no one is actually sure how long the caves have been used by man – or other creatures for that matter. The stonework is etched with so much mystery that researchers still continue to try and discover the clues that tell the story of this historic area’s secret past.

The caves provide the perfect location for a vivid recreation of the fascinating, dark, and often bloody stories of smuggling and piracy along the Sussex Coast. Ever wondered where buccaneers hid back in the 17th and 18th centuries? Well, look no further, because these caves have stories to tell and you’ll want to hear them!

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