What is the Smugglers Adventure Experience?

Take a journey back in time to uncover the deep and dark secrets of the smugglers. Notorious smuggler Hairy Jack will lead you through acres of hidden underground caverns, covert passages, and unknown tunnels on a curious voyage.

You’ll be greeted by over 70 life-sized smuggler characters who will open your eyes to the dangerous and often blood-thirsty smuggling lifestyle. Meet historic pirates, smugglers, and bootleggers who used these underground hideaways to stash their contraband.

Hairy Jack himself, mid-smuggling!

Become a Smuggler

You don’t have to just watch the history of smugglers evolve – you can join them! Our interactive displays have hands-on games and activities for you to be a part of making your Smugglers Adventure a great day out for the whole family.


Who’s Brave Enough?

Watch out for the Chapel – it’s the most haunted part of the caves and is colder than anywhere else. We believe it’s because of all of those smuggler spirits (as in ghosts, not rum) who are hanging about there!

Some parts of the attraction are dimly lit, but we sell torches at the admissions desk for those who aren’t keen on spending time in the dark with the smugglers.

The Smugglers Adventure is an educational and exciting experience, but some children of a nervous disposition may find some of the themes discussed scary, such as ghosts and mild gore/horror. If you experience any issues throughout your visit, please advise a member of staff immediately. It is a self-guided attraction, and we promise that no members of staff will be dressed in costume or try to scare you – unless at an advertised special event.


See You Soon!

The smugglers are waiting to show you their history, and we can’t wait to help tell you their story. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated with new discoveries as we undercover the world of smuggling.

Enjoy your smuggling adventure!

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