'Zombie Apocalypse' at Smugglers Adventure

The subterranean caverns and passages of Smugglers Adventure are set to be over-run by the living dead as part of a terrifying ‘Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Fright Night’ event on Saturday, October 29th at 6pm.
Described by organisers as ‘extremely scary’ and featuring live, or at least undead, actors, the event is designed specifically for adults only.
It will make full use of the caves’ darkest and gloomiest passages to create an unforgettable experience and is definitely not suited for the faint-hearted or anyone who is easily frightened.
“We have been looking to stage a zombie apocalypse event here in the caves for some time now as it’s pretty much the perfect location with endless opportunities for extreme thrills and chills,” said Smugglers Adventure’s Leanna Lawson.
“We’ve arranged for a gang of zombies to be let loose within the cave system and the plucky volunteers will have to try and navigate their way through the near-dark passages and tunnels to get back to the entrance and avoid joining the ranks of the walking dead.
“I have to say that, even for the staff who know the caves extremely well, the prospect of coming face to face with marauding zombies is quite a challenge so goodness knows what the effect will be on members of the public!
“Numbers for the event are strictly limited as we think keeping the group sizes relatively small will add to the overall experience and I know the zombies have a number of special surprises in store for anyone brave enough to accept the challenge. If the event is popular we will release another time slot that evening,” she added.
·       The Zombie Apocalypse is on Saturday, October 29th at 6pm. Tickets £12 per person (must be aged 18 or over). Only 25 spaces available. Book now on 01424 718 776 or email [email protected].uk. Tickets are non-refundable and payment must be made in advance by Saturday, October 15th.
·       WARNING: The event is an intense experience with horror, gore, flashing lights and frightening themes. It is not recommended for; women in the late stages of pregnancy, people with heart troubles, epileptics and people who have claustrophobia. Guests in wheelchairs will need to call and speak to us regarding their needs to assess whether access will be possible. Guests are not permitted to touch the actors. The actors will not intentionally touch you, however they will get as close as possible!

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