World Women's Day at Smugglers Adventure


Smugglers Adventure is hosting a week long event in honour of World Women’s Day on Wednesday March 8th.

The event will run from Saturday the 4th of March until Sunday the 12th.   Activities include an informative trail and quiz for visitors to take part in.

Women played a very important role in the Smuggling of contraband, including the likes of famous females, Anne Bonny and The Lioness of Britanny.

They would often send out signals to ships waiting just off the coast to warn them if the Riding officers were on patrol.

It was also reported that women would be used to carry messages between smuggling gang members, as they were less likely to be caught!

Women were also masters of hiding contraband in order to sneak items past the Preventative Men, and were said to wrap yards of silk and lace around their bodies and conceal them with their skirts.

Alcohol was poured into ‘bladders’ which were strapped to the women’s waists and legs and hidden under their petticoats. Large skirts, which were the fashion of the time, proved to be very useful for smuggling!

Local writer Fiona Cullen-Skowronski will also be hosting a book reading of her novel ‘The Smuggler’s Caves’ at the popular West Hill attraction on Saturday March 4th   between 1pm and 3pm.

Copies will be available to purchase for cash during the reading.

Issued on behalf of Smugglers Adventure. For more information please contact Leanna Lawson on 01424 422964.

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