The Notorious Hawkhurst Smuggling Gang!

The Notorious Hawkhurst Smuggling Gang and It’s Legacy The notorious Hawkhurst Smuggling Gang were a legend in their own right.  Even in the intriguing and daring world of smuggling, they stand out above the rest in the 18th Century. In this blog we will explore their audacity, cunning, and intricate network of clandestine routes, as … Continued

The Life of a Smuggling Tubman in the 18th Century

The Harsh Life of a Smuggling Tubman in the 18th Century The Origins of a Smuggling Tubman The life of a smuggling Tubman in the 18th Century was a harsh one. The era was a dangerous one with political unrest, economic upheaval, and the fight for personal freedom. In the midst of these challenges, there … Continued

Guess The Smuggled Items

The 18th century was known as the golden age of smuggling, with pirates, smugglers, and bootleggers hiding contraband items in underground caves, coves, and tunnels to transport them across borders. But how much do you know about the most commonly smuggled items passing through these hidden and secretive operations? From popular drinks like tea and … Continued

What was the Battle of Hastings?

For most people, the Battle of Hastings should be familiar. After all, it pretty much rewrote the history books, altering the timeline of England forever. With that said, even if you have heard of it, you might be sketchy on the details. 1066 was a long time ago, and if you weren’t paying attention in … Continued

What are Smugglers? Then vs Now

Here, we’re delving into the murky world of Britain’s smuggling heritage, from its earliest origins at places like St Clement’s Cave to the golden age of bootlegging in the 18th century and beyond.

Get clued up on smuggling… down in our cave

Watch your wallet – and your head! There are smugglers galore down in our secret ancient caves, way below Hastings… St Clement’s Caves were formed more than 15,000 years ago. And since then they’ve seen some dangerous and dubious goings-on. Smugglers and pirates are just the start. From royalty to The Rolling Stones, our caves … Continued

Top 4 Famous Pirates

The perception of pirates nowadays has been built around the British accent of rum-loving Jack Sparrow. But real-life pirates couldn’t be further from the swashbuckling character portrayed by Johnny Depp (aside from the rum part). We’re going to sail back across the ship-filled seas and discover the lives of pirates and buccaneers, and we’ll also … Continued

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