Flying the Flag over Hastings Castle

Flag of Sussex flying over Hastings Castle (701x1200)The Flag of Sussex is once again flying over Hastings Castle in the run up to Sussex Day on June 16th.
Since 2013 the Sussex flag has been flown annually in each of the six ancient Rapes, the medieval administrative divisions, in the week running up to Sussex Day, 16th June.
Large county flags are hoisted over the Castle, the Council House in Chichester, the Town Hall in Arundel, from St Peter’s Church in Upper Beeding representing Bramber, from Lewes Castle and from St Nicholas’ Church in Pevensey; each representing their respective historic division of Sussex.
Hastings Castle’s Chrissie Daniels said: “It’s a great honour to have the county flag flying over the castle ramparts in the week running up to Sussex Day.
“Although it is only a relatively new tradition it commemorates the rich heritage and history of the county and is a lovely way to celebrate everything that is best about the area.
“Its bright colours and prominent position overlooking the town means that it can be seen from literally miles around,” she added.
The Flag of Sussex was registered in May 2011. The flag represents the whole of Sussex and is based on the traditional emblem of Sussex, six gold martlets on a blue field.
This emblem was first used by cartographer John Speed in 1611, as the emblem of the Kingdom of the South Saxons.
Today it is used by many Sussex organisations, such as Sussex County Cricket Club, Sussex County Football Association.
June 16th, the feast day of the county’s patron saint, St Richard, has been declared Sussex Day and has been celebrated since 2007.

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