Torchlight Tour – New date announced

Smugglers Adventure has confirmed the date of its latest additional Torchlight Tour event – Saturday, August 13th.
The subterranean after dark tours through the West Hill attraction have proved so popular with the public that organisers have had to add three extra dates so far this year.
The tours, which run from 5pm-6.30pm and must be booked in advance, offer a spooky and highly atmospheric insight into the history of the underground tunnels; including their use as a military hospital for Wellington’s troops during the Napoleonic Wars and as an air-raid shelter in World War II.
“This will be the fourth Torchlight Tour event to be held so far this year and their popularity has been overwhelming,” said Smugglers Adventure’s Leanna Lawson.
“Each tour is unique with those taking part becoming an integral part of the overall experience.
“Last month we had a lady who had sheltered in the caves during World War II, a gentleman who had played in band there and another person who had attended an underground disco!” she added.
A maximum of 25 people are taken on a dramatic exploration of the caves, which cover a total area in excess of five square kilometres, in the company of an expert guide whose flickering lantern provides the only illumination.
The tour begins in the 45-metre long Monk’s Walk with its 23 pairs of arched candle niches.
Visitors learn all about the bizarre re-discovery of the caves by the Victorian Joseph Golding and the geology which enabled them to form in the first place.
From mysterious carved figures to the spectacular ballroom, royal visits to ghostly apparitions, the torchlight tours offer the perfect combination of thrills and chills.

  • The next available tour is on Saturday, August 13th at 5pm-.6.30pm. Tickets £9.50 per person (participants must be aged 12 or over). Only 25 spaces available. Book now by calling 01424 718776 or email [email protected]. Payment must be made in advance before August 1st.

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