Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

E-Tickets must be purchased at least 1hr in advance of your visit.

E-Tickets available include Standard, Junior (aged 3 – 12 years), Concession (Senior Citizens, Students and Visitors with special needs) and a Family Ticket (2 Standard + 2 Juniors).

Children under 3 are admitted free to Smugglers Adventure and therefore do not require an E-Ticket.

Please ensure the correct ticket type is selected as no refund can be given for incorrect ticket purchases.

Children aged 14 years and under must be accompanied at all times by a responsible Adult.

E-Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable and accordingly may not be sold or passed to any third party.

It is the E-Ticket Visitor’s responsibility to check prior to purchase that the information supplied in respect of the E-Ticket is accurate. If inaccurate information is supplied this may result in additional charges or voiding of the E-Ticket.

Discount vouchers, promotional coupons or other offers cannot be used in conjunction with E-Tickets. Please note : this does not apply to online discount tickets purchased from the official Smugglers Adventure website.

A valid E-Ticket must be produced upon arrival prior to entering Smugglers Adventure.

E-Tickets must be clearly legible and relinquished upon entry.

E-Tickets are valid for one single visit during a six month period from the date of purchase.

E-tickets are valid for one single use during a six month period from the date of purchase except where online discount tickets/ online promotional offers state otherwise. E-tickets are no longer valid if unused during the 6month validity period. No refund will be given on expired e-tickets. The period of validity cannot be extended.

E-Tickets Visitors are admitted to Smugglers Adventure subject to the standard terms and conditions of entry displayed on our website.

Any additional visitors wishing to enter with an E-Ticket holder will be required to pay the standard attraction admission rate.

Smugglers Adventure reserves the right to alter admission prices and opening times without notice.

Proof of entitlement for certain E-Ticket types may be required for entry (for example with a Concession E-Ticket for a Student a valid NUS Card should be produced. No other student card will be accepted.

E-Ticket Visitors should be aware that there may be school groups in the attraction during a visit.

Some optional attractions at Smugglers Adventure are not included in the cost of an E-Ticket and require an additional charge. Additionally some attractions have a height restriction or health and safety restriction.

Note: Should you wish to leave and then re-enter Smugglers Adventure on the day of your visit a hand stamp (available at Reception) is required for re-entry.

E-Ticket Visitors are reminded that for operational, technical, safety or any other reason any advertised exhibit, attraction or any of the facilities on site may be closed, removed, altered or otherwise unavailable at any time. Smugglers Adventure reserves the right to alter or cancel any show time of feeding time or any other presentation without notice.

Smugglers Adventure reserves the right to refuse admission, or to remove any E-Ticket visitor whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate by Smugglers Adventure staff. No refund will be given.

When attraction capacity is reached on busier days Smugglers Adventure reserves the right to control any queue or the flow of visitors into the attraction. E-Ticket Visitors are advised that in these circumstances this can result in delays at entry.