St Clement’s Caves

St Clement’s Caves

St Clement’s Caves were formed around 14,000 BC, during the last Ice Age.

Ever since, these mysterious caves have had a fascinating part to play in the history of the area.

St Clement’s Caves have served as a home, a hospital, an air-raid shelter and a ballroom and over their long history have been visited by everyone from The Rolling Stones to royalty.


No one is sure how the long the Caves have been used by man but Enigmatic carvings suggest they could have a very ancient history, and researchers continue to try and discover clues to their early past.

Today the Caves provide the perfect backdrop for a vivid recreation of the dark and often bloody story of smuggling along the Sussex Coast during its heyday back in the 17th and 18thcenturies.

Visit us today to delve deeper into the history of one of Hastings’ most iconic attractions.

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