5 Things to Do in Hastings with Kids

With its remarkable history and prime position on the beautiful Kent coast, Hastings is a natural fit for day-tripping families with children in tow. Whether you’re on holiday or simply looking for new places to take the kids, the town and its immediate surroundings offer plenty of things to see and do – whatever your … Continued

Guess The Smuggled Items

The 18th century was known as the golden age of smuggling, with pirates, smugglers, and bootleggers hiding contraband items in underground caves, coves, and tunnels to transport them across borders. But how much do you know about the most commonly smuggled items passing through these hidden and secretive operations? From popular drinks like tea and … Continued

What was the Battle of Hastings?

For most people, the Battle of Hastings should be familiar. After all, it pretty much rewrote the history books, altering the timeline of England forever. With that said, even if you have heard of it, you might be sketchy on the details. 1066 was a long time ago, and if you weren’t paying attention in … Continued

What are Smugglers? Then vs Now

Here, we’re delving into the murky world of Britain’s smuggling heritage, from its earliest origins at places like St Clement’s Cave to the golden age of bootlegging in the 18th century and beyond.

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